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Family Photography in the Wild

In August I ventured back to Kenya for another photography workshop with Four Corners Workshops led by Kristi Odom and Darren Gustaveson. Going with them in 2019 not only ignited a love of wildlife photography for me, but also gave me the encouragement to pursue family photography. Over the last several years, I have realized that my style is the same for photographing wildlife and people. I look to capture personalities, emotions, and family connections. When you can sit and watch various animals interact, especially elephants, you see all of those things and more and it makes you realize we are all connected. I was really excited we could make this trip happen.

I am so happy with the photographs I ended up with this time. I made it a goal to find something interesting about each of the animals we came across because a failure to do so is a failure for me to truly observe/understand. And also to get photos/videos of Elephant booty/belly scratches. This post captures some of the photos I think really give a glimpse into my family photography style as well.

For more detailed posts on the days/animals/experiences, you can check out my non-family photography blog.

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